freszup and you

Our health is dependent on a lot of factors from food to exercise to ample and rest and adequate nutrition. Big on the nutrition list is Vitamin C. The whole world knows that vitamin C is loaded with health benefits that include strengthening the immune system, fighting common cold, acting as an antioxidant which contributes to smoother, more supple skin, keeping your blood vessels elastic and even prevention against cancer as shown in some clinical tests.

We take Vitamin C in its many forms like in fruits especially of the citrus kind; as supplements in tablets and capsules; in its natural state as ascorbic acid and more. The interesting bit most people don't realize is that oranges are not the best sources of vitamin C. Kiwi fruits, bell peppers, broccoli and even strawberries, papaya and guava contain more vitamin C.

Naturally, as the makers of freszup, we're in the business to know everything possible about vitamin C... plus a few more secrets not normally known to most people. freszup and you is a very special combination because there's a host of special benefits only freszup can provide as the food-grade wellness beverage. Remember, freszup is not a supplement. Its formula of natural plant extracts and Vitamin C is so extensively tested and researched it can be drunk anytime, anywhere to not only quench thirst but also aid your body in numerous ways.